Forward Ever Backward Never


Picture Princess amidst a pile of fabric swatches and sketches, her determination shining through as she begins her journey. Frustrated by the lack of reliable gym wear during her intense workouts, a spark ignites within her. With a background in healthcare and personal training, she delves into the world of design with a simple goal: to create activewear that seamlessly blends comfort and style.

Late nights spent with her close circle of friends, each one dedicated to ensuring that every curve is embraced and supported like a second skin, fuel Princess's passion. With each prototype meticulously crafted and tested, she pours her energy into crafting the perfect solution. Months of dedication and experimentation lead to the birth of Juah Apparel – a testament to her unwavering belief in empowerment through fashion.


At Juah Apparel, we honor the legacy of warrior women from every corner of the world, embodying the essence of resilience and strength in diversity.


Our mission is to inspire women of all backgrounds to prioritize their comfort and confidence, both in and out of the gym, uniting as modern-day warriors. Drawing inspiration from the ancient wisdom of cultures worldwide, we infuse each design with the spirit of empowerment and inclusivity.

Regardless of our origins, we share a common bond as warriors on a collective journey toward self-discovery and empowerment. Our Motto, "Forward Ever, Backward Never", reflects our commitment to progress and resilience. We serve women who embrace their inner warrior, regardless of their cultural heritage or background, and refuse to be limited by societal expectations.

Join us at Juah Apparel as we celebrate the strength and diversity of warrior women from every walk of life. Together, let's forge a path of empowerment and inclusivity, where all women are free to embrace their true potential and conquer the world.